Cast Pink Knickers

These were such a fun make. And great to hold – not sure what you think about that but it’s true. So much texture… I did try padding these out with the little bits of polystyrene packaging. I duly covered them with the plaster mix and waited patiently for it to dry. What I hadn’t realised was that the packaging was biodegradable… It had started to dissolve giving me a saggy bottom to my knickers! Still every cloud and all that – there is lots of texture to bounce the light around.

This casting technique uses billet glass, this is a thick glass without bubbles. The detailed texture beneath, given by the fabric, really allows the light to bounce around bringing it to life. These can be made to any size required. Well, one that will fit in my kiln anyway. Just bring along your own knitting and we can calculate the price.

Tile is approximately 19cm x 13cm