Jenny Kidd

I have been to two of Pip’s workshops with friends now and already booked for a third… with plans for yet more.  Pip guided us through the basics (cutting, differences in glass type) and then opened her Pandora’s box of goodies – her amazing studio full of frit, glasses, meshes, inserts – for us to decide what to make.  In two and a half hours you can easily make a panel and a couple of coasters, decorated and designed by you.  It’s a fantastic way to shrug off a tough day and focus on something wonderful.  I would (and have!) recommend these evening sessions to anyone who wants to be able to say “I made that”.

Published by Feathered Glass by Pip Stacey

I am a glass artists, self taught with the help of a few good books and a handful of amazing artists, Mikyoung Jung, Silvia Levenson, Rudi Gritsch and Karl Harron, to name a few. Go on, have a peek at their work, they all have different ways of working with glass. A good word when working with glass is focus. I so often loose myself when forming ideas for a new piece. Making sample after sample until I can get the feeling attached to my idea into the glass in front of me. This repetitiveness calms my mind, slowly reducing the vast noise of an idea into a simple beautiful note. My long time love of gardening and passion for fabrics are huge influencers of my work. I think you will spot these as you wander through my galleries. My roots are in Lancashire, I ventured to the middle east for several years and have now happily settled with my husband in Oxfordshire. Here I have a studio in Marcham, an expanding village managing to keep a valuable community spirit.