10 Weekly Evening Workshops

Held on Wednesday evenings, these blocks of 10 evening workshops are available for £360.00 and if you can’t make it here one week, you can carry it forward so you don’t miss out.  This cost covers the use of the studio, use of stocked equipment and a basic firing – longer firings such as for casting, using the whole of the larger kiln space or a second firing within a week will be an added charge.  You will also need to buy your glass on top of this fee.  I suggest putting £50/£100 into a kitty and keep a tally of how much you use, then topping up again as needed.

A one-off trial session is £75 including basic firing and materials.

Running every Wednesday 6.30pm to 9.00pm – unless we are away – these evenings offer the perfect opportunity to really discover the way you want to work with glass. Find out with your own experiments how glass can be manipulated through heat work in a kiln for different results.  You may be a complete beginner wanting a to give it a go, or have experience and are looking for a space to use.  Either way you will be welcome, and I will be here to help whenever you need me.  To give you an idea – you could make an item in an evening or carry the work onto the following visit/s and re-fire the same piece or fuse pre-fired pieces together. It’s an opportunity for you to experiment.

The studio is well stocked and the kilns ready for firing. Along with all usual studio tools we have a small sandblast cabinet, pillar drills and a wet saw.  If you find you need glass we haven’t got in stock, you can order it in or bring it with you.  You can buy it through me or from several stockists around the UK. Just so you know I use solely Bullseye glass and you can’t mix it with another type.  Well, not if you want to keep your art in one piece… 

These are fun, relaxed evenings to take away the stresses of your daily work and be creative around like-minded people.  Teas, coffee, hot chocolate and biscuits are always available.

For safety reasons you will need to wear full shoes/trainers (no sandals please) and old clothes.  I do have aprons available in the studio.

You will learn:

  • How to cut glass safely and confidently using a Toyo glass cutter
  • The importance of the compatibility of firing different types of glass – we will be using Bullseye glass
  • What inclusions are and how they can be used – glass frit, metals, Glassline pens and paper, bubble powder, stringers and more
  • How the top firing temperature effects the finish of your piece. What is meant by tac fusing and full fusing
  • What to use to clean glass before firing and why it is essential to do so
  • How to use the equipment in the studio safely
  • And much more as we chat through the evenings so bring a notebook.

No previous experience necessary. 

We look forward to welcoming you to the Feathered Glass studio

Pip and Karen x