I have always been a creator and a maker and have completed a whole plethora of craft courses, becoming a maker of all things and master of none.  Finally,  I found kiln formed glass and couldn’t leave it alone.  Not that I will ever become a master of glass, there is so much to learn and new methods and combinations to try!  Developing my glasswork has awoken a spirit in me that I am lovingly embracing.

The intricate details, colour and light of the woodland are inspiring my current collection of necklaces, earrings and beautiful pieces for the home.  Woodland has always been the place where I feel most grounded and alive.

Glass is a very organic material.  Although I do try to plan and envisage how a piece will look once fired, it is not until you actually take it out of the kiln that you can see if it has obliged.

I sell my pieces from my studio in Marcham, Oxfordshire.  I also open for Artweeks twice in May and November and attend several craft fairs throughout the year.  My studio has been recently renovated and is now perfect for glass workshops should you wish to start your own journey into the mysteries of kiln fired glass.