In some of these pieces we have used natural fabrics such as skin or woven, knitted and sewn materials. The casting process picks up the fine details of the weave too. In some we have used the idea of a fabric, creating a design based on a way we use these materials.

Working with fabrics was the first craft we learnt. I at my mothers knee and Karen at mine. Although Karen soon developed a phobia of haberdasheries! Something to do with the number of hours she had to spend with me looking through fabrics, buttons, zips and other beautiful adornments…. I still have a love for the beauty and texture of fabrics and often relate my glass work to them. If you haven’t already guessed – I do like to trial different processes so these are made purely for the pleasure of making them. One is a cast copy of Karen’s first dress. Oh, how it drowned her when she was born. It sits proudly in the studio and reminds of her everyday.

If you are interested in knowing more about any piece, or would like to place a commission based on any of these ideas, please do get in touch. We can make our interpretation of any flower or leaf you prefer so you could have the perfect piece.

Pip and Karen