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Bespoke wedding gift – using initials as decoration

Feathered Glass cast dress

‘First Dress’ cast in glass

First dress – a permanent, non fading, keepsake This adorable dress was my daughters first dress. It absolutely swamped her when she was born as she was 6 weeks early. Makes it all the more memorable. I love the way the glass never quite made it to the edges, giving it the perfect aged look.Continue reading “‘First Dress’ cast in glass”

Grey and yellow bowl

Amazing the way 3mm thick glass changes shape when it is really trying hard to make 6mm! SOLD This bowl was made with pressed glass fired onto a 3mm base glass. The shapes in the final piece did not look like this going into the kiln! Always so much fun to be had fusing glassContinue reading “Grey and yellow bowl”


Part of my new ‘Feathered’ range, beautifully translucent.


A wedding commission. Utilising the amazing chemical reaction between two glasses. Fascinating.

Commission in greens and blues

Commissioned sea bowl. A gorgeously textured bowl with the colours chosen by the client to suit her home.


Gallery Part of the gallery here at Feathered Glass studio in Marcham, Oxfordshire.#feathered-glass-gallery-2019

Feathered glass No.1

Feathered glass My absolute favourite piece! I love the colour and the texture of this piece. Perfectly fine and smooth. It now has a place in our cottage front door.

Woodland Pond

SOLD Walking through a woodland with friends on a weekend away in Wales. A pond was in the dappled shade, reflecting the sunlight in places; blues and greens in others. Just had to make this when i got back into the studio. #woodland-pond

Feathered Glass – Origin

My first trial pressing glass. Oh, how my heart sang when this came out of the kiln. Never to be sold, always to be admired. #pressed-glass-origin-pip-stacey

Unsimple Minds – Chaos

It was so much fun making this piece – reminds me of me most of the time! This 60cm x 84cm panel has been in the kiln 3 times in all. A shame you cant tell from this photo (but I am working on that) but it is really 3D. A very tactile and energeticContinue reading “Unsimple Minds – Chaos”

Silver Wedding Anniversary Bowl

Commission. 38cm bowl in light grey and opaque white. I forgot to take photos before delivery to the client, doh! So she kindly send me this one. xx #silver-wedding-anniversary-bowl

Unsimple Minds – Calm

If you have seen the Unsimple Minds – Chaos, this is made in the same way. Just using different colours has softened and calmed its appearance. Even down to losing the 3D effect when you see it up close. Fascinating. #unsimple-minds-calm £450.00 with stand or wall fixings 60cm x 84cm

Vale 4 Business Awards Trophies

Commission These trophies were made for the Vale 4 Business Awards taking place on 18 May 2018. Trophies are individually designed for each client.  Please contact me with your design requirements and budget.


A range of workshops will commence again soon. Sign up to my email for the latest updates…. you won’t be bombarded with emails (I haven’t the time for that) so around every 2 months….. And I don’t share your details with anyone else. #fused-glass-workshops-feathered-glass

Lilac glass rocking bowl Pip Stacey Feathered Glass

Tiny Rocking Bowl in Lilac

    After a course with the amazing and beautiful Amanda Simmons I completed a few gravity drop rocking bowls. So much interactive fun – you have to give them a gentle push as you pass by…..

blue-green-rocking-bowl-Pip Stacey-Feathered Glass

Rocking Bowl in Blue Green

    A gorgeous, fun little bowl

Rocking Bowl in Red 1 By Pip Stacey Feathered Glass

Rocking Bowl in Red

    How do you choose a favourite of all the things you make? This is one of mine. It’s that heart singing stuff again….

blue-orange-rocking-bowl-Pip Stacey-Feathered Glass

Blue & Orange Rocking Bowl

    SOLD This remarkable bowl is what happens when you ‘just do it’. Don’t over think the colours or patterns, just play. Really loved this little chap. Living in a new loving home now.

Herringbone-glass-rocking-bowl-Pip Stacey-Feathered Glass

Herringbone Rocking Bowl

  I wanted to incorporate the idea of fabrics into a powder designed bowl. On the outside of this bowl there is a swirl pattern to suggest the sheeps fleece. On the inside is the herringbone weave of woollen fabric. The colours and pattern of colour represent the smit marks which are the randomly patternedContinue reading “Herringbone Rocking Bowl”

South & Vale Business Awards Trophies

I had the great honour to be chosen to make the trophies for this event. These are made from 3 individual layers of glass, each with a powder pattern pre-fired in. They were then fired together, with kiln bricks preventing spread, and cold worked to a silky finish on the sides. Stands and engraved platesContinue reading “South & Vale Business Awards Trophies”

Tulips & Freesias II

There was a time when I did not enjoy using powdered glass. Thankfully, this has all changed! I would have missed out designing these beautiful roundels. They are made using 3 different firing schedules allowing me to have different textures on the surface. This piece is approx. 39cm dia. Wall mounts included. £245.00 with wallContinue reading “Tulips & Freesias II”


I have to say it again, why did I ever not like working with powdered glass? This beautiful piece has had two pre-firings before bringing all the elements together for the third, final firing. The piece is approx. 50cm dia. £365.00 This piece has been drilled for hanging but can be re-fired to remove theContinue reading “Rhododendrons”

Tulips & Freesias I

It’s official, I am now in love with glass powders and the effects you can achieve. This beautiful roundel has had several pre-fired elements brought together on a third firing. This allows different textures to be kept on the surface. Very tactile. Approx. 50cm dia. This roundel had been drilled for hanging in a windowContinue reading “Tulips & Freesias I”

Origin Necklaces

Each piece of my Origin range is unique. Made from blue, white and bronze glass with sterling silver . Beautifully light weight and oh so smooth.


Gorgeous arrangements for your home and garden