red-rocking-bowl-Pip Stacey-Feathered Glass

Here a few comments made from past visitors. I really need to remember to pop them all up on here……

Aly Stewart

I always find wedding presents really difficult, particularly for close friends.  The wedding list feels a bit impersonal and it’s an occasion when I want to give something special and uniquely personal.  Pip has made several pieces for me now.  Each one of them we have designed together using colours and shapes chosen specifically for the individuals.  They have all been gifts I have loved giving (and found it hard to part with!); but most important they are all pieces that are truly treasured, are constantly admired and talked about and are exactly what I wanted – personal and special objects for people I really care about.

Jenny Kidd

I have been to two of Pip’s workshops with friends now and already booked for a third… with plans for yet more.  Pip guided us through the basics (cutting, differences in glass type) and then opened her Pandora’s box of goodies – her amazing studio full of frit, glasses, meshes, inserts – for us to decide what to make.  In two and a half hours you can easily make a panel and a couple of coasters, decorated and designed by you.  It’s a fantastic way to shrug off a tough day and focus on something wonderful.  I would (and have!) recommend these evening sessions to anyone who wants to be able to say “I made that”.

Jo Sloley

Thank you all for the fabulous bowl, it was a very thoughtful and generous.  We love it and will cherish it, and it will always remind us of  our special friends.  Many thanks to you all, Eddi and Maggie xx