Herringbone Rocking Bowl

Herringbone-glass-rocking-bowl-Pip Stacey-Feathered Glass


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I wanted to incorporate the idea of fabrics into a powder designed bowl. On the outside of this bowl there is a swirl pattern to suggest the sheeps fleece. On the inside is the herringbone weave of woollen fabric. The colours and pattern of colour represent the smit marks which are the randomly patterned colours on sheep, identifying its owner.

This bowl should have been a lot deeper, sadly, in the process of removing the rim (needed for firing) a crack developed which had to be removed… But it’s still beautiful, tactile and the idea turned out the way I had hoped xx And the light passing through mmmmmm mmm

Published by Feathered Glass by Pip Stacey

I am a glass artists, self taught with the help of a few good books and a handful of amazing artists, Mikyoung Jung, Silvia Levenson, Rudi Gritsch and Karl Harron, to name a few. Go on, have a peek at their work, they all have different ways of working with glass. A good word when working with glass is focus. I so often loose myself when forming ideas for a new piece. Making sample after sample until I can get the feeling attached to my idea into the glass in front of me. This repetitiveness calms my mind, slowly reducing the vast noise of an idea into a simple beautiful note. My long time love of gardening and passion for fabrics are huge influencers of my work. I think you will spot these as you wander through my galleries. My roots are in Lancashire, I ventured to the middle east for several years and have now happily settled with my husband in Oxfordshire. Here I have a studio in Marcham, an expanding village managing to keep a valuable community spirit.

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